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vocational dance education

We aspire to educate students to become technically, theoretically and creatively qualified dancers. Focus of our dance education is contemporary dance; thus we strive to meet the high standards and diversity demanded of today’s professional dancers.

The three-year intensive training program strongly emphasizes Classical Ballet and Modern Dance, which includes the techniques of Graham, Horton, Limon and Cunningham. A complete knowledge of these techniques enables the dancer to work flexibly in the unlimited contemporary dance styles that embody a multitude of differing concepts and approaches.

A dancer must develop an individual and complete body language which can only be found by extending one’s mind and body. To achieve this, dancers will complete courses in Improvisation, Contact-improvisation, Partnering, Jazz/Modern Jazz, Music & Rhythm,
and Drama.

Knowledge of dance as an art form will be mediated through related theoretical courses, including Anatomy, History of Dance and Theory of Dance.

Students will study intensely with a plethora of faculty throughout the three-year program.
In preparing to become a professional dancer it is important to gain stage experience.
In Composition classes, students will be trained to create their own choreographies.

From  the second year on, every student will create a solo in the context of the composition classes, which will be shown in public in the premises of the dance academy. Subsequently second year students will rehearse and dance in choreographies independently developed by the students of the third year. These choreographies, our StudentsChoreoCocktail, is presented to the public in a local theatre.

During the third year every student will create and rehearse an individual choreography for and with students of the second and third year. In addition to that the students will dance in up to two choreographies of the classmates of the third year.

The rehearsals for all performances, including the SoloWorks and the GraduateStudentsChoreos, take place in the premises of the danceacademy.

Furthermore teachers and guest choreographers will work on longer pieces with third-year students for our Show AdmissionToDance.
A final exam in practical as well as theoretical subjects as well as the final dance performance in a local theatre, concludes the three-year program.