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Training costs & financing

The current yearly education cost is € 5040,- and can be paid in monthly rates over € 420,- which are to be paid in advance at the beginning of the month, at the latest on the 10th of each month.

Additional costs will arise for a yearly examination fee of € 60,-, dancewear and shoes as well as housing and maintenance. Furthermore there are additional costs in the third year over € 160,- for the two big theater performances (€ 80,- in march for AdmissionToDance and € 80,- in September for the GraduateStudentsChoreos) as well as a costume contribution.

Since the dance academy balance 1 has no boarding school or apartments, every student coming to visit the academy from elsewhere must find herself/himself an apartment.

Statal or private health insurance is obligatory and the matter of every individual.

For damages or accidents occurring on the way to or from the academy or on the premises of the academy, the student is covered under the general conditions of the statal accident insurance by the Berufsverwaltungsgenossenschaft
(Statal Accident Insurance Berlin).

For government student support please contact your local public authorities.

Students can purchase cheaper transportation tickets at the BVG (Berlin public transport company) with their student ID  (Azubi/Schülertickets with student ID II).
Further information  see (only available in german):