Tel.: +49 30 75 44 68 10

Terms of admittance

We are looking for highly motivated young people with an open and curious personality who are enthusiastic and obsessed by dance in its multifaceted forms.

Your application must include:

  • a CV
    photo (headshot)
  • summarized report of dance experience
  • short personal statement why you want to be a dancer

Please fill out the application directly online and think about marking your favorite audition day.

Lateral entrance: a lateral entry after the beginning of a semester is possible. Please contact us for an extra audition date.

International applications are welcome!

Lessons at the Danceacademy balance are held in english and german.

For applicants from countries outside the EU or countries not being part of the Schengen agreement who have passed the audition, the issue of a student VISA by the German embassy in their respective home countries is a condition to be admitted to the professional dance education.
Among other prerequisites for this VISA is proof of resources to finance education and living expenses in Germany. A student VISA does not include a work permit. Further questions concerning student VISA must be clarified with the German embassy of your country.
In case you come from a country from which no student visa can be issued, it could be an opportunity to audition at our cooperation partner Eurasia Dance Project International Network.

The following requirements must be met for admittance to balance 1 dance education:

  • basic abilities in dance to be demonstrated at an audition.
  • a finished school education (you can hand in your school leaving certificate after your successful audition)
  • a medical attestation certifying physical suitability for dancing (can also be handed in after your successful audition)
  • the applicant should be 16 years and above (under 18’s require a signed permit from their guardians).

Following the audition, you will receive an Email whether or not you have been accepted.
Please understand that our decision will not be justified, and does not imply a general statement of your suitability for a professional dance education.