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Audition for the contemporary dance education

Information about the audition process

At the audition you will take part at a ballet- and modern dance / contemporary dance class of the first year dance students daily training. This gives you the opportunity to get to know our danceacademy and the atmosphere better right away. You can also talk to the dance students personally.
Then we would like to see a solo of 1 – 2 minutes in which you feel you can present your qualities the best. You should create your solo yourself, but may include elements of combinations, which have been studied in a dance class.After the practical part we will provide information about the dance education and answer all your questions. Subsequently you will have a personal interview with the direction of the school. Please bring along enough time for the audition day, since the end will depend on the number of applicants and the length of personal interviews.

Please choose your favorite date to audition and register one week before the audition at the the latest. In case you can’t make it to any audition date, please contact us or send us your Videoaudition!

The audition fee of 30,- Euro is to be transferred to the bank account of the Danceacademy. Please write your name and audition date on the intended purpose and note that the fee is not refundable. You will then receive your invitation to audition.

Account holder: Tanzakademie balance 1
Bank: Berliner Volksbank
IBAN: DE04 1009 0000 2347 0980 03


You will be informed about the outcome of your audition a few days to a week later by Email.
Please understand that a potential refusal will not be justified by us. It represents neither a personal evaluation nor a general statement about your suitability for a professional dance education.