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Professional Contemporary Dance Education

Three-year officially approved Contemporary Stage Dance Education

The three-year Contemporary Dance Education was officially approved in 1996 and belongs to the leading private Dance Training Colleges with a recognized diploma in Germany ever since.

We aspire to educate students to become technically, theoretically and creatively qualified dancers. Focus of our dance education is contemporary dance; thus we strive to meet the high international standards and diversity demanded of today’s professional dancers.

The three-year intensive training program strongly emphasizes Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance, including the Moderndance techniques Graham and Horton. A complete knowledge of these techniques enables the dancer to work flexibly in the unlimited contemporary dance styles that embody a multitude of differing concepts and approaches.

A dancer must develop an individual and complete body language which can only be found by extending one’s mind and body. To achieve this, dancers will complete courses in Improvisation, Contact-improvisation, Partnering, Jazz/Modern Jazz, Music & Rhythm,
and Drama.

Knowledge of dance as an art form will be mediated through related subjects of studies such as applied Anatomy, History of Dance, Theory of Danc, Composition and Acting.

The dancestudents will study intensely with a plethora of faculty throughout the three-year educational Danceprogram.

In preparing to become a professional dancer it is important to gain stage experience.

In Composition classes, dancestudents are trained to create their own choreographies.
During  the second academic year of studies, every dance student already creates an own Solo in the context of the composition classes.

Subsequently second year students will rehearse and dance in choreographies independently developed by the students of the third year. These choreographies, our StudentsChoreoCocktail, is presented to the public in a local theatre.

During the third years of studies, the dance students work on choreographies with their Danceteachers and Guestchoreographers for the AdmissionToDance Show, a full-length dance performance taking place at the Uferstudios of Cotemporary Dance in march every year, in order to show their versiatile dance skills.

After the successful completion of the final examinations, the graduating dance student create and rehearse their own final choreographies with dance students in second and third year of studies.

These choreographic graduation works, the GraduateStudentsChoreos, are being presented to the public as a full-length dance performance at the Uferstudios for Contemporary Dance in September at the official conclusion of the dance studies.

The rehearsals for all performances take place in the premises of the danceacademy. The dance students do not have to rent additional dance studios from outside.

Contemporary Dance Education Study Structure

The Dance Program of the Contemporary Dance Education is comprised of six terms culminating in a final exam with both theoretical and practical aspects.
The final exam can be taken only after the dancestudent has passed both examinations held at the end of the second and fourth term.

Classes are held on a full day basis, Monday to Friday. There are four holiday blocks over the year:
six weeks in summer, two weeks in autumn, three weeks at Christmas, two weeks around Easter.
Classes are divided into  first, second and third year of studies.
Regular attendance of all classes is a necessary obligation to guarantee successful development and progress of the dance education.

The first term of the stage dance studies begins every year at the beginning of October.

Subjects studied

Structure Framework


5x Ballet
5x Modern/ Contemporary Dance
3x Jazzdance

Classes held by term or intensive courses

Practical classes

Improvisation / Contact Impro

Theoretical classes

Applied Anatomy
Dance theory
History of dance

Basis tutorials (applications, auditions, etc.)