Our associates and partners

Eurasia Dance Project International Network

We are partners of the EurAsia Dance Project International Network, directed by Stefano Fardelli, which has more than 20 EurAsia Partners in 18 countries all over the world through Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Pacific States and Central America.

EurAsia Dance Project International Network is a Non Profit Association legalized by the Italian Government. One of the missions is to enable young dancers and choreographers of any origin to study abroad and spread out their culture. This is why EurAsia Auditions are also on tour in the poorest and most dangerous countries of the globe. It allows these young dancers to take auditions for the biggest academies of Europe without flying abroad. The students selected during the EurAsia Auditions win a 50% / 80% scholarship for all the 3 / 4 year professional programs.
For all applicants outside from the Schengen States interested, please contact Eurasia Team directly:
Watch the 2021 EurAsia Promo Video here.

UFER_STUDIOS collective dance spaces


Our Dance performances are presented with the cooperation of the Uferstudios for contemporary dance Berlin.