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Stephanie L. Drechsler (Executive Board, Naturopath, Osteopath BSc)

Completed her formation in acting, dancing and singing in Berlin, Milan, London and Paris. For many years she was a member of the acting studios „Jack Garfein“, „Jack Waltzer“ (both from the actor’s studio in New both from the actor’s studio in New York) and the acting studio „Pygmalion“ in Paris.
Stephanie worked as a freelance actress and singer in divers theatres in Italy, France and Germany.

She has been starring for movies and television in Europe and the USA.
Stephanie has been a guest teacher for acting classes from the very beginning of the Tanzakademie balance 1and she supported her sister Miriam building up the vocational dance education.
In 2000 she returned to her home town Berlin and ever since she directs the school along with her sister.

In october 2012 Stephanie successfully passed the examination at the public health department which entitled her to work as a naturopath/health practitioner and graduated after a 5-year long higher education in Osteopathy BSc.  Stephanies practise is located in the same building as the Tanzakademie balance 1. Enrolled students of the dance academy have the possibility to receive a discount for professional treatments.
Stephanie is equally a qualified podologist for proprioceptive insoles, orthomolecular medicine, dietetic treatment, chiropractic, classical massage techniques, shiatsu and other naturopathic treatments. She regularly visits post-graduation courses for professional members of healthcare professions and health conventions in order to enlarge and deepen her medical knowledges permanently.

Stephanie is a member of the International Dance Council CID – official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.