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Sonia Bartuccelli (Guest Choreographer)

Born in Italy, she trained at an early age and acquired her professional maturity at the Iwanson Dance Center. Sonia Bartuccelli lent herself to further qualifications in Los Angeles, New York City, Milan, Rome and Berlin. As a dancer she worked extensively in Germany and Europe at theaters and opera houses such as for bayr. Staatsoper in Munich, Wintergarten Berlin and for the famous Komische Oper Berlin in “ West Side Story“ “Orpheus” and “ Clivia”. Sonia danced in Europe and Asia for TV productions such as X Factor, The Voice of Germany, also for the Schlager Queen Helene Fischer and the world-famous violinist David Garrett. Many live performances for Artists as Cheryl Cole The Fantastische 4, Udo Lindenberg, Jan Delay, Monrose, Tarkan, Annett Louisan, Lou Bega also belong to her resume. Sonia Bartuccelli was coach for “ Dance Dance Dance”,”Deutschland tanzt” and “ Got to Dance”.. Throughout her career as a dancer and choreographer she also started to teach classes to share their passion for dance. Her goals are on the one hand to teach students a solid technique and at the same time to train the expression of feelings through movement. Her teaching is quiet and still motivating. It demands the maximum of each student.