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Salvatore Siciliano (Contemporary, Modern, Choreography)

Salvatore was born in Cosenza, Italy, where he studied for many years piano and painting. He attended the Brera Academy of Arts, in Milan and graduated in Accademia Susanna Beltrami. He danced for Compagnia Susanna Beltrami, followed by several choreographers and directors in Europe. In Milan, Salvatore started working as a choreographer for several design and fashion events, and at the age of 23 he presented his first dance piece, „ATENA NIKE“. In Berlin, he choreographed for Berghain and many art events and festivals, and in 2015 he founded the Siciliano Contemporary Ballet. At 26-years old he has shown his work in Italy, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic and Spain. His work has gained popularity because of his keen ability to mix ballet lines and aesthetic with raw emotions and a bit of sarcasm. His choreography is powerful and stimulating and leaves an impression that last long after the work has ended. His creations include, „The world in the void out there“, „ORIKBEM“,  „Gottlos“ and „BEYOND SIGHT“.