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Ortrun Stanzel (Contemporary, Modern, Partnering, Applied Anatomy, Composition)

Ortrun Stanzel lives in Berlin and has been working as a freelance artist in the fields of contemporary dance and fine arts since 2008. She works with choreographers, directors, theatres/companies and visual artists such as: Marilynn Dannitz (USA), Anna Brown-Massey (USA), Oliver Steele (USA), Yoshiko Waki (Japan/German), Angelika Honig, Julia Fiedel, Rebekka Böhme, Lars Kraume, Detlef Buck, Sven Bohse, Denis Gansel, Todd Field, Andreas Rocholl, High Frequency Wavelength 2000, Deutsches Theater, Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin, Varieté Wintergarten, Hanna Reber, Enrico Pietracci, Alexej Rodin (Russia), Gert-Jan van den Ackerboom (Netherlands)

She studied theatre dance in Berlin and deepened her studies of modern dance techniques in New York. Already during her school days, she was trained in ballet and rock n ́roll acrobatics. At the age of 16 she became the German, European and World Champion in standard formation dance with the team of 1.TC Ludwigsburg. After her return from New York, she specialized in contemporary dance. Through numerous workshops she continued her education in dance. Later, as part of a naturopath training, she completed the basic studies in medicine and continued her education in the field of bodywork at the Academy for Sport and Health and REKS am Westend.

Ortrun Stanzel creates dance pieces and solo performances. She supports dance, theatre and film productions as dramaturgical advice assistant of choreography, assistant director, and project assistant. In addition to her interdisciplinary artistic work, she teaches contemporary dance, Graham technique, composition and partnering. She developed a concept for applied anatomy for dancers, which she teaches at professional training programs and supports professional dancers in individual coaching in pain management.