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Miriam K. Drechsler (Artistic Direction, Modernjazz, Rehearsal Supervision)

completed her dance education in in Berlin, New York, London and Paris (inter alia Judith Jamison, Bill T. Jones, Takako Asakawa, Milton Myers).
In order to combine her earned experiences and pass on her knowledge, she managed quite early to fulfill her dream to create a professional dance education. In 1993 she first founded BALANCE DanStudiOne, which changed over to the vocational dance education Danceacademy balance 1 in 1996.
She was not only the head and one of the teachers of the Dance studio, but additionally set up professional dance classes and was one of the first Dance studios to invite international guest-teachers to hold workshops in Berlin. The studio also became a residence for different professional dance companies as the toladá dance company by Joseph Tmim e.g. Already 1997 the Tanzakademie balance 1 was stately recognized as a vocational school for contemporary dance in Berlin.
In addition Miriam has been dancing for divers dance companies, in many projects, shows and movies.

Miriam is a member of the International Dance Council CID – official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.