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Dioni Birmpili (Jazz)

Dioni Birmpili started her dance careers at a very young age in  her home town Schweinfurt.
Being part of the DDC Company, she had her first huge performances with „Breaking´ Mozart“ at the Wintergarten Berlin among many other theaters.
After she decided to study Dance professionally and graduated 2019 at the Danceacademy balance 1 in Berlin.
Since then Dioni lives and works as a dancer and choreographer mainly in Berlin.
Dioni has been part of THECOMPANY Berlin, therefore she was able to learn from many well-known trainers of the commercial scene and could grow even more.
Currently she is trying choreographically to connect this scene with the contemporary world.
Furthermore Dioni works as a teacher in many Berlin dance schools, is booked for dance workshops and as a dancer throughout Europe and mainly choreographs shows and music videos.