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About us

“As choreographers, we demand technique and virtuosity from the dancers, but also intelligence and culture, and above all we demand protagonists for the 
creative process. That is the challenge of the new dance.”

Rui Horta, choreograph of SOAP

Dancer Miriam K. Drechsler founded the three-year educational training program for contemporary dance in 1996, inspired by her vision of a high-class professional dance education in Germany’s capitol Berlin, where dance students would be educated to international standards.

To achieve this, the young up-coming dancers were to be encouraged from the outset both in high-quality technique and in their creative development.

Only months after its founding, the school was officially approved by the Senate of Berlin. Since then, the Tanzakademie balance 1 has held a leading position among the private dance education institutions in Germany.

The combined skills of professional dance teachers and choreographers form an international teaching faculty that grants the dance students a dynamic and inspiring learning process at the very highest level.

The diversity of training prepares our dance graduates for a variety of careers and advanced educational programs in the dancing world of today.

Our danceacademy distuingishes itself by a very familiar and respectful atmosphere between the direction of the school, instructors and students.

Since october 2019 the dancer students train on Harlequin Sprung Floors and Harlequin Vinyl Floors.

Harlequin Sprung Floors and Harlequin Vinyl Floors are designed for the special needs of dancers, to minimize Joint loadings and make a more gentle work for dancers possible.

The dance academy balance 1 is based in a charming industrial villa, which was build by the well-known architect Peter Behrens in 1913.

The dance students have enough space until 4:00 p.m. and longer to use studios outside of the classes to exercise individually and study before/after the daily training classes, independent working beside the daily trainings, rehearsals and studies for school showings, projects and theatre performances.

Since the academy employs no secretary or maintenance man, we need to keep our administration and school management work as slim, flexible and unbureaucratic as possible. We therefore ask you for your understanding that we cannot answer the telephone regularly. Please always  leave us a message on the answering machine or contact us by Email, so we can get back to you as soon as possible.