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Ortrun Stanzel (Contemporary, Modern, Partnering, Moved Anatomy)

Ortrun Stanzel is working as multidisciplinary freelance artist in the fields of dance, choreography, performance, video/movie, painting and installation since 2008.

She danced for the company „High Frequency Wavelengths 2000“ in New York, in various production of several theters in Berlin, as well as for the Theatre Helmnot Lichtenstein and worked for the Contemporary Opera Berlin. Further more she worked in indivudual productions for choreographers Nathan Trice (USA), Oliver Steele (USA), Yoshiko Waki (Germany), Josef Tmim (Israel) and collaborated with artists Enrico Pietracci (Germany) Alexej Rodin (Russia), Hannah Reber (Germany), Gert-Jan van den Ackerboom (Netherlands) und Nick Ashley (USA). Furthermore she acted for various Tv-shows and movies as dancer or dance-double. Since 2014 she fuses painting and dance to a self generated expression form, and creates choreographic works, dance theatre pieces, performances and multimedia installations, she teaches contemporary dance and composition for professionals and in training programs.

During high school she was trained in Ballet and Rock´n Roll acrobatics and won the German,- European- and World-championship as ballroom-dancer with the 1.TCLudwigsburg at the age of 16. After the study of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, she studied modern/contemporary dance in Berlin and New York. She completed an additional education in integrative dance pedagogy and is qualified a specialized personal trainer bythe Academy of Sports and Health.

After years of professional training with various teachers, the study of bio-kinematics (2012 ) and an intense practice of QuiGong she developed her approach of contemporary dance and it´s teaching method, which focuses an intense physicality as well as conscious awareness.